Hunt Buddy BC

A Better Way to Read the Regulations

Hunt Buddy BC is an iOS and Android smartphone app that helps interpret the Hunting Regulations Synopsis for British Columbia, Canada.

Offline topo maps, tracks and pins (iOS Only)

*** iOS ONLY *** Optional Mapping Package includes topographic maps with good road coverage that you can download to your device for use outside cell coverage. You can also record, import and export GPS tracks and pins. The Mapping Package is iOS only. Note that out of the box, satellite / aerial maps are not available for offline use.

Open Seasons, Restrictions and more

Pick a spot on the map or use your GPS location to see open seasons, maps, motor vehicle and other restrictions for the Management Unit you’re in. Pick any date to see the seasons & restrictions that will be in effect when and where you’re planning to hunt. You don’t have to wade through the tables and maps – it’s all there, and it’s organized so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

The full 2018-2020 regulations synopsis and (iOS only) 2020-2021 LEH synopsis are also included, with easy access to any section of the regulations.

Tap on links to view detail maps (special areas, no shooting zones etc.) or definitions (Spike-Fork Moose, 4 Point Mule Deer etc.) from the regulations synopsis, or view a relevant web page linked from the regulations. Get sunrise / sunset times and moon phases with one quick swipe.

Note that Hunt Buddy BC is NOT OFFICIAL. It is NOT a legal document, and is not affiliated with or sanctioned by the Province of British Columbia. It’s an easier way to access the Regulations Synopsis published by the Province, which itself is not a legal document. The Wildlife Act and Regulations (and other federal, provincial and local laws) are the final authority.

Hunt Buddy BC does not include all applicable restrictions (for example, municipal hunting or shooting bylaws), and the information provided by Hunt Buddy BC may contain errors. Management Unit boundaries are approximate. Location services are not guaranteed to be accurate. Ultimately it’s up to you, the hunter, to ensure that you stay legal.